Japan, land of quirky culture, delicious food, and incredible complexions, nothing fills us with more envy than the smooth, lit-from-within skin that Japanese women all seem to possess. Science has proven there’s no specific “beauty gene”…meaning glowing, porcelain skin can be ours with the help of a few Japanese beauty rituals! 

The first step of beauty is always what you put IN your body, rather than what you put on it – and the Japanese diet is one of the most beautifying in the world! Japanese women don’t eat fatty and sugary foods, or lots of meat. Instead they load up on vitamin-packed “brassica” vegetables like broccoli, and of course, lots and lots (and lots) of fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which help reduce the body’s production of the inflammatory chemicals involved in the ageing process.

Get rid of your bathroom clutter, and simplify your skincare. Typically, Japanese women don’t use lots of products in one go. Instead they have a very structured skincare routine that layers a highly streamlined range of products with the emphasis on time spent applying correctly, rather than how much you’re throwing at your skin.

Traditionally, in Japan beauty is simple, natural and edible! The theory is that women shouldn’t put anything on their skin what will poison them if they were to eat it, as skin is porous – so anything we apply ends up in our blood stream, typically within minutes. So, if you’re putting toxic chemicals on your face, remember, it’s going to end up in your body.

When it comes to makeup, for Japanese women less is definitely more. After all, if you focus on great skincare, you shouldn’t need pore-clogging makeup! Instead, they choose their products carefully and makeup should be an add-on and enhancement to already flawless skin, not the main attraction.

Another secret for youthful-looking skin is application technique. Rather than applying your product in upwards, circular motions, you should gently pat it on, going upwards from the chin. This will stimulates blood flow to help cell rejuvenation, helps with lymphatic drainage and most importantly, muscle tone to firm and lessen wrinkles.

For Japanese women, the most important part of any skincare routine isn’t fancy serum, or pricey night cream… it’s your cleanser. Spend your money on a good cleanser, perfectly suited to your skin type, because if you’re not cleansing properly, nothing’s going to be as effective afterwards. Always cleanse morning and night, even if you haven’t been wearing makeup, and if you can fit in a double cleanse (removing makeup, then cleansing again with an oil or balm), do it!

In Japan, they LOVE to bathe. Bathtime is a ritual, from gorgeous at home bathtubs to hot spring “Onsen” (bathhouses), and involves scrubbing the body from head to toe with an exfoliating cleanser before climbing into a steaming hot bath enriched with bath oils, or essences of various herbs and green tea. Perfect for beautifying the skin, as well as de-stressing before bedtime.

The Japanese have a concept called “Mie-nai Oshare.” This translates to “unseen beauty” – a beauty that does not have to be necessarily displayed to be seen. It refers to a poise and confidence that expensive products and cosmetics can’t buy, and to an inner glow of happiness that comes from wearing a favourite dress, eating a good meal, and remembering to treat yourself well.

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