Earth is getting sick! How do we change mankind!

Sickness on mankind easy to detect, we will soon find the suitable treatment and restore health. But sickness of Earth is difficult to aware of. We should think a wise way to help and to heal the earth since there was some far-sighted scientists given us the right diagnosis about this. After all in this world we can only rely on such a one living planet.

Please protect the earth and we people works together helping the earth.

Please protect the earth and we people works together helping the earth.

Everything grows by the sun, every living thing on Earth cannot be separated from the sun. Sunlight is a key factor in photosynthesis, in particular wavelength between 6~14 microns, it was named Far Infrared Ray (FIR).

FIR can resonate with human cell atoms and molecules, the resonance absorption will promote microvascular expansion to achieve smooth blood circulation. Remove blood vessels, eliminate toxin and harmful substances in human body, obstacles to metabolism, resurrection of cell atoms and molecules, promote body enzyme production, activate cell tissue, prevent aging and then strengthen body’s immunity. Therefore, Far Infrared Ray (FIR) is also known as the light of Procreate.

In Japan, FIR application widely used in the fields of astronomical, technological, medical, health and healing care and etc. Thereby we developed a variety of convenient, environmental friendly, high tech and high durability living products which have been dissolved with high quality FIR.

70% of water and soil pollution on earth was mainly caused by the waste water discharge from every household in the world according to W.H.O environmental study. Petrochemical mostly found in detergent like Fluorescent agent, bleaching agent, phosphorus, chlorine, brightening agent and nonyl phenol becomes main source of causing those pollution.


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