• MONITOR SHOP create ways of trust on product reliability through your own experiencing by visual focusing, listening, touching and sample tasting. MONITOR SHOP provides you a way to feels and experiences a particular product personally on site.
  • MONITOR SHOP usually practice “Listen, Read, Touch and Test”. MONITOR SHOP gives everyone the opportunity to know, to understand, to experience and to reliable on the latest Japanese goods. Besides, we also cultivate and train carefully to all the talented service staffs through a Japanese way of education. We look forward to become the world class No.1 customer-friendly enterprise soon.

  • The trust of Japanese merchandise had reached the front peak in the rapid economic development of Southeast Asian Countries. We have accumulate since our establishment, we have extensive experience over the years by promoting to overseas, supplying advance and high technology products from Japan to raise and enhance the colorfulness of life in Asian Countries. We will choose to build our prosperity by leading the world economy.