Kyosei Tatsuya Motomatsu



KYOSEI GROUP was founded 52 years ago, “Always Bless for Other’s Happiness” was the ideal slogan of KYOSEI GROUP. KYOSEI GROUP involved in various industries like international trade, tourism, advertising, publishing, manufacturing, health care products and the most active publicity industry is MONITOR SHOP.

As part of the most diverse healthcare companies in Asian Countries, KYOSEI GROUP mainly supply goods from Japan likes medical equipment’s, health supplements, beauty products, living goods and etc. KYOSEI GROUP is promoting actively, enhance the value of life and health concept from Japan to Asian Countries in order to meet the international competitiveness.

We are committed to promote high technology, high quality and most realizable Japanese goods to Asian Countries. Nowadays, the world famous goods from Japan is more than auto industry and electrical appliances, the most prominent aspect has been affirmed in the world was the environmental protection awareness, recycling technology and people health care consciousness.

Now everyone have chances to enjoy the latest advance technology products from Japan through KYOSEI GROUP. We commit to Asian countries and look forward to bring the same class of living environment, same quality of life in Japan and hope to become world top longevity countries like Japan.

The trust of Japanese merchandise had reached the front peak in the rapid economic development of Southeast Asian Countries. We have accumulate since our establishment, we have extensive experience over the years by promoting to overseas, supplying advance and high technology products from Japan to raise and enhance the colorfulness of life in Asian Countries. We will choose to build our prosperity by leading the world economy.